If you want to know the truth, then watch this video.

By the way: MH17 black box handed to Malaysia by rebels (

 You know what’s funny? What in “free” and “democratic” countries do not want to see this. This is not talked about in newspapers and are not shown on television. Mass media continue the hysteria that Russians blame.

While your media sow hysteria, and you mourn for those killed in Boeing, city Lugansk was bombed by the Ukrainian army. They bombed Donetsk and other cities. There peaceful people are killed.

18 July, as a result of the bombing from the Ukrainian army in Lugansk 100 people was killed and 200 people was wounded.


Why you don’t  mourn for them? Are they no people? Are they worse than you?


texas on a wednesday.

belton, texas

january, 2014


The winter that I’ve been expecting finally arrived. Now this is the January I knew!


雪道・a snowy way (by yukkbie)